Preparations will start towards Italy












Presentation for Italians

My Italian journey starts on 5.5.2018 at about 6:00 pm My adventure started counting started.

On Sunday I walked around Vicenza in the sun with a walk surprised me.
Had to go to the store buy sunscreen and drink.

Monday morning I went to visit Eurocultura office. The official told me about
Vicenza’s history and Italian working life.What to consider
when going to a workplace location.


It was not really on Tuesday that I did not have a day off.
Today on Wednesday 9.5.18 I finally got to see a future job placement.I was told before I went to work.
he has to wear a collared shirt and long trousers, because the Italians dress like this.
I have never seen such a cool job in Finland where all the tools would always be in
place at certain workstations and everyone knew what they did and kept their workplaces all the time.



The company operates in the following industries


  • Lifting equipment
    and electrical systems on carriages
    Read more

  • Fire fighting units
    for companies’s security
    Read more

  • Resale authorized spare parts
    Wilo’s and other brands
    Read more
  • Resale authorized spare parts
    Wilo’s and other brands
    Read more

  • Custom-made Services
    according to the need
    Read more

11.5.2018 My first working day was on Thursday.I got to follow the start two hours next to how
big an electric motor. How to insulate the papers into the engine. The engine can not use plastic because
it melts when the engine cries.After that, I was instructed by my instructor how to isolate the next engine.
I got started

On Friday I was taught winding of the first engine.

14.5.2018 Oky is my tutor. He has trained many students who have come to practice in the company.
The first touch wire wire to machine, winding wire bundling of the bundles before
unloading from the machine.

16.8.2018 On Thursday change the Oky with the electric motor to a new balanced wheel / anchor.
I got to put the heater bearings in place.

Coupling winding threads by soldering

22.5.2018 I learned winding technology with the help of a pilot. It seems easy to look but it does not exist.
It requires the fingertips and the eye to be able to nudge to put the winding wires in.
23.5.2018 On Wednesday, I sewed the electric coils of the coil winding into the bundles and insulated them with the insulation by paper.
25.6.2018 The day went by the winding of the electric motor to connect the coils and finally I soldered the rocks together Daniel told me when you were able to wind up the engine, so now you can work with us. Recognition felt good.

28.-29.5.2018 I was in Marco’s doctrine of servicing a large combustion engine for the use of a large electric generator for a couple of days.

I’m tightening the lid
Measurement of isolation resistance separately for each phase (RST / L1 L2 L3)
31.5.2018 Monitoring the attachment of the sensor to the new electric motor was otherwise the first

6.6.2018 My teacher came to Vicenza to see my on-the-job learning site.

7.6.2018 Today I got to know Daniel’s work in the province. Through his guidance I got acquainted with the various pumps in the automated fire extinguishing system and their service inspections (Sprinkler)

Thank you for F.A.E.S.r.l staff for a great internship place.



Tutto bene e grazie mille!


it’s time to go towards new challenges.