I am versatile and skilled IT-specialist and work place trainer. My strengths are my social interaction skills, knowledge of human nature and I’m good at working under pressure. I’m also good at working on teams.
 I’m looking for work from the following sectors:

ICT, industry, bioenergy, graphic work, school and course center, instructor, sales and marketing, office work and administrative supervisory function.

  • 2017
 The studies started in January
  • 1/2017-12/2018
KSAO Adult Education Centre
Automation Installer / Electrical Installer,
Electrical and Automation Technology
Bachelor’s Degree
  • 1/2016-12/2016
KSAO Adult Education Centre BIOSAMPO
Qualification in bioenergy
  • 3/2013-2/2014
South Savo Vocational College
Qualification of sales
(sales / marketing student line)
  • 8/2008-7/2012
Rastor Collage Helsinki and Kouvola
In addition to work, a vocational qualification
with Lumon group Ltd
Technical Supervisor in
Information Technology

Professional language skills, oral and written

  • mother tongue: finnish
  • English: oral excellent written satisfactory

 Further training:

Technical staff training program

Salpaus Further Education in Lahti

  • 12/2012   35 h Technical English
  • 11/2012 140 h Project Management
    (LEAN MsProject and branding)
  • 10/2012 175 h Productivity and Management

Adult Education Centre in Kouvola

  • 11/2012 Computer Driving License AB

Work experience

F.A.E. S.r.l.

May 5 to June 16, 2018

Erasmus + Italian Vicenza Workout Period.

electric motors

  • demolition and assembly of engines;
  • Identification of faults caused by worn parts;
  • dismantling existing coils and installing new insulation and copper fasteners;
  • manufacture of copper coils with a winding machine (both manual and automatic);
  • Independent backward winding of the Misia motor;
  • painting of engines;
  • motor alternating current correction, brakes, lifts, pumps.
  • installation of heat shields for stators and electric motors;
  • speed adjustment, based on user tests;
  • Sprinkler fire extinguishing system generator unloading and checking



The-job learning

  • 10/2017-2/2018

Building Automation Substations Centers for Stacking, Testing and Installation.

Parik Foundation

Media Worker

  • 12/2014-11/2015

The digital media processing (photography, video filming, editing, web designer and ICT-servicedesk services) MAC workstation with Adobe products, etc .. supervised training for young people.

Expert Kuusankoski Hannu Rieppola Ltd

Internship periods (sales for vocational training)

  •  4/2013-6/2013 
     9/2013-12/2013 Another traineeship

Sale technical support ICT matters: product group therapy, workstations, laptops, tablets, and audio-visual equipment. Customer Service – And sales: phones, televisions and home appliances customer service jobs and computer / AV equipment installation to customers at home.

PrintCom Center Ltd

Internship periods (sales for vocational training)

  • 7/2013-8/2013 

The enterprise solution sales, sales consulting, the Service / Helpdesk services to customers.

Lumon group Ltd

Computer Support Specialist/ ICT-supervisor

  • 7/2000-3/2012

ICT-service desk services:

Windows family of workstations and servers on Windows 2008 r2 up to the Linux server and basic competences in Redhat and Debian based. AutoCAD 2012, SolidWorks 2012, and Archicad 2012 servers.

Maintenance Tasks:

Maintenance planning, workstations, servers mm audio-visual equipment. phones, projectors, copiers printers. Canon / HP – product range TCP-IP networks HP / 3Com switches, troubleshooting. Foreign missions, The production of computer maintenance responsibility, renewals, repairs and checks.

Administrative Tasks:

Software licenses, purchase of services, equipment procurement / the proper disposal (”green values”), calls for tenders, cost calculations, invoice processing and project work / planning and customer to maintain the Kouvola area businesses.

On the job training:

Systems / Microsoft Office 2010 product (AB level).

Comes with quality systems ISO9001 and ISO14001.

Foreign assignments: Spain, Norway, Germany and Sweden

Recent projects The planning department of environmental engineering: 

  • Autocad 2011
  • Solidworks 2011
  • ArchiCAD 14


  • Windows 7 Deployment
  • Print Management service deployment / construction
  • Production of new machines in the / backups


Passports and cards for working life




  •  9/2021 Boom Lift License Card
  • 2/2022 Hot Work Licence
  • 2/2021 Driver License For Forklift Truck
  •  3/2022 Occupational Safety Card
  • 11/2019 FirstAid EA2
  • 10/2013  Alcohol Passport
    for an indefinite period.
  • 2/2022  Electrical Safety Cards
  • 5/2013  Food Hygiene Card
    for an indefinite period.
Other work experience Hobbies